Services of Tangla Town Committee

Water Supply

Tangla Town Committee is running water projects. Presently Water Supply in Ward No-1 to Ward No-8.

Solid Waste Management

There is no earmarked garbage disposal site for Tangla Town Committee to dispose solid waste.The ULB with the help of 2 nos. of tractor/trailers, one cess pppl cleaner and 10 nos of thelas and with the help of 32 nos. of safai karmacharis dispose 2-3 tons of solid waste from a part town committee area in various low-laying pockets of the town and road side of NH31. It may be mentioned here that the existing cess pool clener is yetto be made operational by the ULB. It is seen that most of the solid waste is absorbed naturally in various low-laying pockets.There is an urgent need to select a suitable site for garbage disposal for utilization of the same in the coming years with the help of suitable solid waste managment system.

1 Waste generated per day 1.5 metric Tonnes
2 Waste collected per day 1.13 metric Tonnes
3 Number of dust bins 20 Nos
4 Number of disposal yards 1 Nos
5 Total area of disposal yards 3994 sq. metres
6 Total capacity of Disposal Yards 1280.00 m3
7 Avg. distance of disposal yard from Town Centre 1 Kms
8 Mode of disposal of bio non-degradable wastes By Dumping the Garbase
1 Tractor 1 Nos.
2 Trailer 1 No.
3 Dummper 1 Nos.
4 Swargarath Van 1 No.
5 Cess Pool Not Available
6 Water Tank Not Available
7 Movable Dust bin 1 Nos.
Roads & Transportation
1 BT 6.551 kms.
2 WBM 12.832 kms.
3 Stone Slab --
5 Earthen 15.477 kms.
6 Total 34.860 kms.


1 Motorable 19.383 kms.
2 Non Motorable 15.477 kms.
Storm Water Drainage

There is no strom water drainage in Tangla Town Committee. Some drains are constructed along selected roads and priority areas on a piece-meal basis to slove the problem of water logging locally without anyconsideration to long lasting solution of the problem entirely. The town being devoid of drains, the collected strom water is unable to flow out. The newly developed areas are the worst sufferers in this regard. This is a long felt need for construction of embankment at few trunk drains along with their feeder drains to rain out rain water. In addition a drainage plan of the town is to be prepared immediately.

1 Pucca with Covered slab Drains 2.691 kms.
2 Pucca Drains 7.110 kms.
3 Kutcha Drains 35.498 Kms.
Urban Sanitation Facilities

There is no sewerage system in the town. Most of the houses hae sanitary latrines. The sanitary latrines are connected to septic tank. It is may be mentioned that the town requires a cess pool cleaner to clean up the overloaded sanitary latrine tank.

Tangla Town Committee is also constructed and running 3 Nos. of Use and Pay Toilet in three different location of the town.

Tax Collection
Street Lighting

The Tangla Town Committee is providing street light to all the major roads of the town. It also aranging solar street lighting system to some of the by lanes and to the major junctioned.

1 Tube lights 450 nos.
2 Sodium Vapour Lamps 50 nos.
3 Average spacing between the lamp posts 30 metres.
4 Solar Street Light  
1 Daily Bazar 1 No.
2 Rented Room (Commercial) 38 Nos.
1 Office Building 118.80 Sq. Mts.
2 Cumminity/ Meeting Hall at office campus 42.66 Sq. Mts.
3 Sewakendra at office campus 36.00 Sq. Mts.
4 Horizon Colony (2 residential building) 4 Bighas of Land area
5 Garbage Dumping Ground 4 Bighas of Land area



Contact Information

Office of the Tangla Town Committee
Mangaldai-Bhutiachang PWD Road,
Ward No. -2
Dist. Udalguri (BTAD), Assam
Phone : 03712
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